PlayStation Store: Let yourself be carried away by our selection of poetic games!

PlayStation Store game news: let yourself be carried away by our selection of poetic games! Posted on Apr 21, 2021 at 9:20 am Sponsored by PlayStation-FR Video games are an opportunity for gamers around the world to experience great adventures, some realistic, some fantastic. As in the cinema, it can sometimes convey a lyrical and touching message. That’s exactly the theme of this PlayStation Store pick: games with a poetic spirit! Enjoy games with up to 90% discount in the PlayStation Store with the Spring Super Sale!


Halfway between the experimental video game and the platform game, Bound takes us into the memories and thoughts of a pregnant woman. In her inner world, a ballerina walks through a world at the command of her mother, the queen. The latter therefore asks him to get rid of a monster that threatens this surreal environment and plays with colors and shapes. All of this works as a metaphor for the inner conflicts of the future mother and with a feeling of amazement we go through this very special experience.


With its minimalist and refined aesthetic, Journey will have shaped several generations of PlayStation gamers. Here you are in the shoes of a nomad walking the desert in search of the ruins of a vanished civilization. No enemies here, no real difficulties, just the pleasure of crossing these vast expanses of sand alone or in pairs. With its superb soundtrack and enchanting setting, this contemplative quest will not leave you indifferent!


Signed by the creators of Journey, Flower is a soaring experience accessible to as many people as possible. Through the dreams of various flowers, you are invited to restore the landscapes in their colors and beauty through a flow of petals. The aim is therefore to revive the world around you through six levels that also result in the city taking on color. A great experience for lovers of poetry.

The last guard

The Last Guardian is the newest gem from Team Ico, the origin of Shadow of the Colossus. You play as a young man who wakes up in ruins next to a mysterious creature named Trico. Together they must solve puzzles to get out of this strange place full of traps and have the opportunity to form an extraordinary brotherly bond. But it isn’t made that easy as our duo sometimes struggle to get along which makes the adventure even more enjoyable. A very original and moving experience!


PlayStation 4 FREE – until 23/04 What if your next poetic adventure takes place underwater? This is the bet from ABZÛ, an ode to life underwater who knows how to play with the vertigo of the depths to bring you an extraordinary experience. In the shoes of a diver, your goal is to solve a series of puzzles and riddles as you swim with the magnificent creatures that make up the marine fauna. Relaxing and brilliantly set to music by Austin Wintory, ABZ is the ideal title to close our selection of poetic games!

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