Fight the dark side of the force with Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Stories

Note: 15/20 Be Forewarned: Vader Immortal is more of a VR experience than a full game (allow three hours and a challenge mode to see the ending). However, this short format provides some arguments. The game is fast, well made, and features confrontations that, while not very challenging, create good sensations. The well-designed dialogues are linked and bring their share of small manipulations to unlock doors and some escalation sequences. The powers also come when and when Vader Immortal brings together little things here and there, ingredients of a title that we don’t get bored with. Nothing revolutionary about the program, but it works well. There’s not much to add other than some detection issues on the side of the PS Move that from time to time prevent you from hanging the sword on your belt. But not enough to get out of the Star Wars universe so far. Vader Immortal is ultimately a solid VR title, the qualities of which can convince even those who are not hardcore fans of the world of George Lucas.

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