A Sony Anti Xbox Game Pass? We tell you everything!

Business News A Sony Anti-Xbox Game Pass? We tell you everything! Posted on Apr 21, 2021 at 1:13 pm, updated on Apr 21, 2021 at 1:16 pm Xbox Game Pass, the on-demand game service offered by Microsoft, was mentioned again and again. It must be said that the platform is particularly attractive. In addition to an attractive price, it offers players a large catalog of games and promises to include all Xbox Game Studios productions from launch. To counter this meteoric rise of Microsoft in this area, let’s imagine Sony is actively working on a catch-up process (the PlayStation Now is not really in vogue). Several rumors point in this direction as well, as in addition to recent words from David Jaffe, the inventor of the God of War license, a new document has just been released, signed by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, President of Capcom. Just a few weeks ago, David Jaffe, creator and co-creator of two major series, God of War and Twisted Metal, announced that the PlayStation brand is currently working on a “counterbalance” to Microsoft’s subscription service, Xbox Game Pass. Only David Jaffe had signaled that he had absolutely no idea what it would look like. For just a few hours, internet users seem to have the answer. Indeed, a document and, more precisely, a contract between Sony and Capcom has just appeared on the Internet. The latter, added, then deleted, and then added again, would be the result of Capcom’s cyberattack last November. If we take a closer look at this alleged partnership between Sony and Capcom, we can see that Sony wasn’t the primary goal of improving its on-demand gaming service is intended to “counterbalance” but keep Microsoft from flourishing. This document indicates that an exclusivity agreement was reached between Sony and Capcom in May 2020. This is to ensure that Resident Evil Village does not enter Xbox Game Pass when it premieres. Of course, this prior information should be considered with gigantic tweezers as these unverified documents have been shared right and left by many internet users and have no real sources. However, it is easy to believe that this agreement or similar agreements exist. Think of the last battle between Netflix and Disney + over the MCU’s Spider-Man films. Netflix has preserved the exclusivity of the Spider-Man movies while preventing other SVOD platforms from broadcasting them. So here it would be more or less the same pattern. Sony would have simply signed an exclusivity agreement to keep Resident Evil Village from being offered directly on Xbox Game Pass to ensure some sales on its own gaming platform. Note, however, that Capcom in no way intended to ensure its future survival in horror at Microsoft’s service. Other rumors from the same document also claim that Sony would tone down the various video game productions. According to this document, Sony would still ask Capcom not to produce any higher versions than the PlayStation 5 version on other gaming platforms. For Daniel Ahmad, a respected analyst, this is completely wrong, as we can find the same ideas in an Xbox document. when it’s just not a marketing deal. Neither of these clauses means “Make the other console version worse / make our console version superior”. The wording in both is very clear. – Daniel Ahmad (@ZhugeEX) April 21, 2021 For the sake of clarity, none of these clauses mean “downgrade the other console version / improve our console version”. I don’t know why people interpret it that way. The wording of both is very clear. Let us recall once again that the two Japanese giants did not formalize any information. However, we envision that Sony or Capcom will be giving a speech shortly to answer new questions from gamers. You’ll also like: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter

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