Steam: Valve fixes a rather unusual bug

Steam Game News: Valve Fixes a Rather Unusual Bug Posted on 04/20/2021 at 6:27 PM Steam has been the preferred platform for PC gamers for many years. If the competition has developed lately, Steam remains the medium with the largest number of games. Given the influx and mass of games on offer, Valve is forced to update Steam regularly. If most of the fixes affect all users, the latest patch is much more unusual and only appears to affect a handful of players. PC Gamer shares the discovery made on the pcmasterrace subreddit, which indicates that a patch has been uploaded to prevent the Steam client from crashing for users with 25,000+ games. Yes, 25,000, you read that right. As of this writing, there are believed to be around 51,000 games available on Steam. In other words, there are several people with roughly half the games available who reported the issue to Valve. According to Steamladder data, there are currently three people with 25,000 or more games, even if their profile hides some of them. In either case, it is very difficult to determine the exact number of users who have exceeded this threshold. According to SteamDB, the record is apparently held by a certain Sonix who would own 42,061 titles. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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