Nintendo eShop: Up to 80% off indie games with the Indie World promo!

Nintendo eShop Game News: Up to 80% Off Indie Games With The Indie World Promo! Posted on 20/04/2021 at 18:00 Sponsored by Nintendo The Nintendo Switch enables many independent studios to bring the originality and ingenuity of their services to millions of gamers. Hades, Gris, Hotline Miami … To honor the wonderful independent titles that fill the catalog, Nintendo eShop is launching Indie World promotions this week! Discover Indie World Specials on the Nintendo eShop until April 25th.

Innovative experiences

If independent games are so valued by gamers, it is especially because of their ability to create unique experiences by twisting video game conventions. All you have to do is attend Wandersong, a game with a colorful universe in which you play as a bard invited to solve puzzles and riddles. To do this, we have to make the best possible use of our hero’s vocal cords, with the environment reacting to the level of his vocalizations. A refreshing adventure where the price drops by 75% to € 4.99 (instead of € 19.99). With its dizzying surroundings, Manifold Garden also offers an adventure with an unusual style. The player is immersed in an abstract universe filled with puzzles that are both complex and addicting. If you play with the geometry of the decor, this title will quickly confuse you. At € 12.59 (instead of € 17.99) it is the ideal experience for those who want to train their brain at a low price! Another pearl with a unique concept, FEZ, which also has fun with perspectives in its summary. The story revolves around Gomez, a little 2D game hero who one day discovers the existence of a third dimension. A novelty that obviously turns its existence upside down and leads to an impressive experience that oscillates between platform and reflection. A must in the Nintendo eShop for € 12.59 (instead of € 13.99).

Travel, dream, admire

Independent developers not only rely on different concepts, but also like to imagine surprising universes. This is especially the case with GRIS, an enchanting adventure based on a touching scenario. We visit the inner world of a young girl who is shaken by sad events in her life. The whole thing benefits from a sublime artistic direction that revolves around pastel colors and a bluffing, dreamlike style! At a price of € 6.79 (instead of € 16.99) it would be a shame not to use this. On a visual level, it’s impossible to miss out on the Playdead studio’s creations. With LIMBO you are invited to travel through a surreal world in the skin of a little boy. Dozens of horrific traps await you in this dark environment where you play against the opposites between white and black: titanium spiders, kidnapper mosquitoes or even brain-eating worms. A classic that is currently being sold at a very low price of € 1.99 (instead of € 9.99). Playdead’s second production is nothing more than the excellent INSIDE, an experience that takes up the very effective cocktail of platform and reflection of its predecessor. The title invites us to follow a young man who tries to escape from a society ruled by totalitarian power and armed with soldiers ready to shoot anything that moves. Panting and visually remarkable, Inside costs € 4.99 (instead of € 19.99).

Original, but above all fun!

In addition to being conceptual or poetic, independent games try to explore the issue of gameplay. Hades is one of those original and fun titles thanks to its rogue-lite mechanics. They follow Zagreus, the prince of the underworld who is determined to escape his surroundings, even if it means facing his own father to do so. In an isometric view action game, your goal is to traverse as many randomly generated rooms as possible with enemies. As you fight, you will receive new items that will increase your power and fill your arsenal with skills. An indispensable bestseller that is on sale in the Nintendo eShop for € 19.99 (instead of € 24.99). How can you not quote the Miami hotline? This visceral top-down shooter invites you to play as the killer who is supposed to destroy the Russian mafia. In buildings crowded with criminals armed to the teeth, it is necessary to show skill and composure to emerge alive from extremely dangerous missions. And that’s the finesse of this game: with its fast-paced, nervous and demanding gameplay, it presents a considerable challenge that is quickly fun. With a price of € 6.24 instead of € 24.99, the Hotline Miami Collection combines the two episodes of the saga so you don’t miss a thing! With its catalog of hundreds of titles of all kinds, the Nintendo eShop is the ideal platform for players looking for new gaming experiences. If the promotion of the moment is dedicated to independent creations, do not hesitate to consult all the active offers to find other game genres that suit you at a lower cost. With the Nintendo eShop filter system, you’ll have no problem finding what you’re looking for!

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