Horizon Zero Dawn and its DLC are available for free on PS4 or PS5

Horizon Zero Dawn in-game news and DLC are available for free on PS4 or PS5. Published on April 20, 2021 at 8:33 am The Play at Home initiative, which was restarted in March, will be continued in style. After Ratchet & Clank or Subnautica, it’s Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 and in its nicest packaging, available to players starting today. This is Sony’s answer to the health crisis. The Play at Home is an initiative by the manufacturer that aims to promote social distancing by offering games to “make the next few months more enjoyable for the PlayStation community”. From today until May 14th it is therefore possible to have Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition (i.e. with the Frozen Wilds DLC) for free on your PS4 / PS5. All you have to do is go to the PS app or store to add it to your library. It is playable on PS4 and PS5 via backward compatibility: no next-generation patch has yet been provided for the title. Released in 2017 in the shadow of a certain Breath of the Wild, the Guerrilla Games software is set in a post-apocalyptic open world populated by robotic creatures. The player plays Aloy, who tries to uncover the history of this universe. It’s a perfect opportunity to dive into the saga ahead of Horizon: Forbidden West’s release, which is slated for later this year.

What other games are there?

In addition, eight games are still available for free through April 23: Abzu, Subnautica, Enter the Gungeon, Rez Infinite, Paper Beast, Moss, Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, The Witness and Thumper. If it started with an offer on Ratchet & Clank in March, the Play at Home initiative doesn’t stop at Horizon Zero Dawn as it should continue through next July. By Charlanmhg, writing from MPTwitter

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