Fallout 76: Season 4 and Its Rewards

Fallout 76 Game News: Season 4 and Its Rewards Posted on 04/20/2021 at 6:37 am, updated on 04/20/2021 at 6:40 am Fallout 76 season 4 is coming! The latter will simply be available on April 27th. Before venturing back into this particularly devastated post-apocalyptic world, however, we invite you to discover the various rewards of this new season together. In fact, today, Bethesda Softworks, the creators of the multiplayer game Fallout 76, is giving you a quick look at the various ranked rewards you can get by participating in the fourth season of the title starting next week. A season in which players will have the opportunity to participate in numerous clashes with members of the Ace of Armor in the north of the map. Season 4 can reach 100 ranks and a wide variety of rewards can be earned over time as you progress through the season ranks. When the ace of armor clashes with Commissioner Chaos on the SCORE board, you’ll be able to unlock new items that arrive as rewards for the first time, such as mannequins, tadpole badges, Nukabomb Sugar Free, and Rad Ant Lightweight. You can also fill your arsenal with new power armor and weapon skins, decorate your Appalachian house with new CAMP items, and put on new outfits. Bethesda Softworks

Season 4 Rewards

Models – Show your favorite outfits with a set of male and female mannequins for your CAMP Power Armor – side with Commissioner Chaos with these Power Armor colors in the colors of the Yukon Five Weapon Skins – Spread terror in the hearts of your enemies with the Death Breath Skin for the flamethrower. You can also earn new colors for Plasma Gatling, Lever Action Rifle, and more. CAMP ITEMS – Collect your own honey with the new beehive. Also dazzle your guests with the branch chandelier, new wallpaper, flooring and even a gold toilet! Collectron Nuka Cola – With this new robot in your CAMP you no longer have to look for a Nuka Cola Cool Backpack accessory in the wasteland – Show your love for Power Patrol by decorating your backpack with minifigures of your favorite characters. Tadpole Badges – Cover your tadpole scout scarf with even more badges when you step up Sugar Free – All the perks of your favorite soft drink, with no syrupy aftertaste (or sudden memory loss)! Max Load – Take a sip of this enhanced drink to add +50 to your max load for 30 minutes. “Lots of types of rewards that you know are making a comeback this season, such as consumables, in-game currency, atoms, ability card packs, and more. Finally, we’ve added some bonus rewards that Fallout 1st members can use at certain levels of the SCORE- Table in addition to basic rewards for those ranks. ”You may also like: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter

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