Call of Duty Warzone: Everything You Need To Know About Season 3 (Date, Content, Battle Pass …)

Call of Duty Warzone Game News: Everything You Need To Know About Season 3 (Date, Content, Battle Pass …) Posted on 04/20/2021 at 9:48 AM At the center of the rumors for a few days, Season 3 of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War / Warzone is coming tomorrow. It brings four new maps, four operators, two new modes, a revised Warzone map and a new region for Contagion.

What’s the new content?

Activision explained the upcoming content of the third season of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone via a post on its blog and on Twitter. The new season starts tomorrow with an event called Hunt for Adler. The aim here is to learn more about the location of Adler through various quests and to enchant weapons or even operator skins. In addition, four operators are making their debut for this third season. Warsaw Pact Wraith is a former alpine hunter who specializes in infiltration and sabotage. It will be available starting tomorrow at the third 0 of the Battle Pass. Antonov and Knight, also from the Warsaw Pact, will be available later in the season. The fourth operator is known to fans of the saga as it is Price. It is offered to all players who own Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War at the start of the season. Six weapons will appear this third season, and half will be available at launch tomorrow. Among them, the PPSh-41 machine gun will be unlocked in the free version of the Battle Pass on the third 15th. It is accompanied by the Swiss K31 (sniper rifle), the ballistic knife (later available for Warzone) and new kills. Bonus follows with the penalty run and a new vehicle. CARV.2 (Tactical Rifle), AMP63 (Pistol) and Baseball Bat will be available later. For Black Ops Cold War only now: Four maps will be offered this season. Yamantau (6v6) and Diesel (2v2, 3v3, 6c6) will be available from tomorrow, while we will have to wait a few weeks to use Standoff (6v6) and Duga (Multi-Team). The Pebbles and Sticks mode returns from the beginning of the third season. On the contagion side, Zombies mode sees the arrival of Duga as a new region, the FAV and Cargo Truck as vehicles, as well as a new field improvement called Toxic Growth that is slowing down. Enemies. Verdansk is also at the center of rumors for a couple of days and not very talkative. We can read on the Call of Duty blog that “the area has become too dangerous even for a third party vendor 1”. In any case, it is preparing for a big change: more information will be released tomorrow at 9 p.m. French time.

How big is the update?

Black Ops Cold WarPlayStation 5: 12.3 GBPlayStation 4: 8.1 GBXbox-Series X / Xbox-Series S: 11.6 GBXbox One: 8.3 GBPC: 13.1 GBWarzonePlayStation 5: 25.6 GBPlayStation 4: 25, 6 GBXbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 25.9 GBXbox One: 25.9 GBPC: 25.2 GB Source: Twitter and the official Call of Duty blog About Call of Duty: By Charlanmhg, writing by MPTwitter

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