Apex Legends Trailer: Meet Valkyrie, the New Legend!

This is one of his traditional Wilderness Stories shared by Respawn Entertainment today. This time we discover the story of Valkyrie, a new playable legend in Battle Royale. Valkyrie, the daughter of the famous Viper pilot from Titanfall 2, is full of anger. She wants to prove herself and show that she is capable of becoming the new Legend of the Apex games. After Fuse, it’s his turn to join the Battle Royale very soon and increase the number of playable characters to 17. No gameplay at the moment, but we suspect the young Valkyrie will soon reveal her talents and others to us. Skills.Respawn Entertainment also used this video presentation to announce the start date of the ninth season: May 4, 2021. As a reminder, Apex Legends is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. From meakaya, writing from MP

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