New Pokémon Snap: release date, gameplay, new features … we take stock

Game news New Pokémon Snap: release date, gameplay, new features … We are taking stock Published on 04/18/2021 at 4:20 pm, updated on 04/18/2021 at 4:20 pm Resumption of the principle of the game The New Pokémon Snap of the same name, the 1999 will be available soon on Switch so you can take pictures of as many Pokémon as possible. How does the gameplay work, which Pokémon can you come across and what’s new? Let’s take stock!

What is New Pokémon Snap’s gameplay?

For those who have already played the original Pokémon Snap released on Nintendo 64 in 1999, they will find themselves in familiar territory as this new title takes on the concept. Important note: This Switch episode has no direct connection to the base episode and acts as a “spiritual sequel”. For others, remember that New Pokémon Snap is a “rail photographer” where you take pictures of Pokémon along a pre-defined path. If the number of shots is limited to around 70, you will then have to present your best shots to Professor Mirror.Rate them on various criteria: Pokémon posture, size in the picture, position in front of you, framing … the more successful the photo is the more points you will get that you can use to increase your level. The latter gives you access to new areas, as well as new branches, but can also spawn new Pokémon in areas you have already visited. There are also several objects (apples, glowing balls, a device that plays a melody …) that you can start or use to trigger certain behaviors in certain Pokémon, e.g. B. a live evolution. For example, players of Opus on Nintendo 64 will remember ple des Reptincel, who turns into Charizard after receiving an apple and drops it into the lava. The environments are also full of secrets that can be discovered, especially with the help of a scanner, which ensures strong replayability on the various levels covered.

What are the new features compared to Pokémon Snap on Nintendo 64?

In terms of additions, this new Pokémon snapshot includes new objects like Lumina Orbs, which Pokémon can use to sparkle and modify certain elements, such as the color of their flames. This aesthetic effect called the “Illumina phenomenon” will also be at the center of the New Pokémon Snap story, unfortunately without further details. Also note that it is now possible to retouch the photos you have taken by changing the frame, adding stickers or applying a filter. Although the game is completely solo, the title developed by Bandai Namco, which is already responsible for the original episode, offers a community platform where players can share their best photos so that they can be rated and featured. A “spoiler” filter is available so you don’t see any Pokémon snaps that you haven’t seen before. Competitions are also organized under conditions set by the developer.

How many Pokémon can we cross?

In total, you can meet more than 200 Pokémon from the eight existing generations, all of which have taken special care in modeling and animation, as this is the main interest of the game. In the title announcement trailer we could see many first generation creatures (Pikachu, Locklass, Carapuce, Tortank, Magikarpe, Roucarnage, Dodrio …) and others from the eighth generation (Ouistempo, Flambino …) over 3G (Wailord , Bekipan, Mangriff, Sharpedo,). Goélise …), 4G (Grodrive, Torterra, Keunotor …), 5G (Frisian, Lakmécygne, Emolga …), 6G (Prismillon …) and finally 7G (Crabagarre, Oratoria …).

In which region does the game take place?

While the original episode takes place on Pokémon Island, New Pokémon Snap takes place in the Lentis Islands, a brand new region created specifically for the title. These offer many different environments, from the forest to the desert, including the ocean and the beach. In addition, some of these ecosystems are entitled to variations, such as day and night, that allow you to spot different Pokémon depending on the time of day. Note that the exact number of levels is currently unknown.

Is there a demo available?

Unfortunately, no announcement was made that a trial version would ever be available.

What is the New Pokémon Snap release date?

The new Pokémon Snap is planned for April 30th exclusively for Nintendo Switch and should weigh 7000.00 MB for those who want to use it digitally. In terms of offers, Auchan has the cheapest price at € 44.99, while Fnac, for its part, offers the title at € 49.99 with a € 10 discount on your loyalty account. You choose ! Pre-order New Pokémon Snap for € 44.99 instead of € 59.99 from Auchan. Pre-order New Pokémon Snap for € 49.99 and receive a € 10 discount on your loyalty account. By TheXsable, Jeuxvideo journalist. Com MP

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