LaPetitePelle signs – No. 379

News in LaPetitePelle dessine – No. 379 Published on 04/18/2021 at 9:00 AM, updated on 04/18/2021 at 9:00 AM It’s Sunday and the return of your weekly meeting with LaPetitePelle! Every week our illustrator draws the video game news for you. And today the man who draws is interested in Sony taking over EVO. In these new Sunday boards, signed LaPetitePelle, the latter comes back with humor when Sony took over the EVO. And yes, you may have missed the information, but it fell last month. The biggest fighting game tournament, the Evolution Championship Series, which was canceled last year, is back this year but with a new host. What will change for the tournament? We don’t know exactly yet, even if we suspect that the EVO PlayStation Exclusives will be given a high priority at the expense of others. Street Fighter V and Guilty Gear Strive have already been announced in the program for this 2021 edition, while Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, an exclusive Nintendo product, is still missing … To be continued … And here is a small bonus page about the possible merger from Kojima and Microsoft. From meakaya, writing from MP

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