Outriders: Inventory Errors, Where Are We?

Outriders Game News: Inventory Errors, Where Are We? Posted on 17/04/2021 at 17:21, updated on 17/04/2021 at 18:02 After a technically difficult start, Outriders does not seem to have lost the public’s favor. A few days ago, People Can Fly informed about the bug that caused equipment and items obtained during the game to disappear from the inventory. In a post posted on Reddit a few days ago, Outriders developers said they were working on a solution to restore items and equipment to players who fell victim to the bug. The solution has yet to be deployed, but the studio has released a new update aimed at preventing new players from being reached. However, the studio warns that the patch can make items in inventory unstable and invisible. The concern is known, visibly normal, and most importantly, temporary. In that case, players will simply be prompted to restart the game after saving and everything should be fine. In addition, People Can Fly plans to fix this one-time problem with no real consequences. A dedicated team will monitor the behavior of the patch until Monday while the rest develop the inventory rollback mechanism. However, if other disappearances are found, players will be encouraged to report them immediately in the topic created for this purpose. Buy Outriders At FNAC From MalloDelic, Journalist MP

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