Granblue Fantasy Versus Trailer: Eustace is ready for battle

In March and a few weeks after Anre’s arrival, Arc System Works announced the imminent arrival of Eustace, a feline fighter armed with a rifle. At this point in time, the developers gave us a date for a new video and a release date in mid-April. Nothing got in the way of production as Eustace is there with a new trailer, but most importantly with a release date. As announced by Cygames and Arc System Works, it will be readily available by the end of the month as integration with Granblue Fantasy Versus is scheduled for April 20th. This video is also an opportunity to get a glimpse of his fighting style and learn that the next character will be revealed in June during the RAGE Granblue Fantasy: Versus 2021 Summer. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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