BenQ ScreenBar Review: The Solution To Eye Fatigue?

Hardware-News BenQ ScreenBar-Test: The solution against eye fatigue? Published on April 16, 2021 at 7:02 p.m., updated on April 16, 2021 at 7:05 p.m. BenQ is a manufacturer best known for its video projectors and monitors. He tries to diversify with more accessible … and surprising products. Introduction of the ScreenBar, an LED light placed over a screen that promises to reduce eye strain. Overpriced device or real eye protection tool? Answer immediately. When BenQ contacted us to offer to test the ScreenBar, we were skeptical to say the least. Indeed, it is difficult to see the real interest of what at first glance looks like for a slightly more advanced desk lamp connected to a PC. But curious, we accepted the product anyway and in the end put it in the back of our tower. OffersLDLC € 99.95 Delivery € 6.95 Amazon € 104.40 Free deliveryRakuten € 144.99 Delivery € 4.99 First positive point: The ScreenBar is extremely easy to install. Power is supplied via the USB port on the PC, only works with a single cable and benefits from a very clever weight and balance system so that you can easily stand over a monitor. Once correctly positioned, it will no longer move, even with vibrations. No driver is required and the USB port is only used to power the product. The cable is also 1.50 m long, which is still sufficient in most cases. However, be careful if you are used to using a webcam over your screen: depending on the format, it may possibly fit over your screen as the surface is large rather flat, but it will therefore be necessary to lift it up well to use it the field of vision is not obstructed. It is a shame that there is no system specifically designed for this type of accessory. The design of the ScreenBar is very sober and rather discreet. The cylindrical shape fits nicely over the screen and the object is quickly forgotten, especially if your monitor is in dark tones. A very good point because it is always in our field of vision. The handling of the ScreenBar is otherwise quite simple, but the ergonomics are not ideal, as all buttons are on the top and are of the “tactile” type. At the beginning we fumble around a little and the mistakes can be quite numerous. Four buttons are each used to: turn the lamp off or on, calibrate the light according to the environment, adjust the temperature of the light and adjust the brightness. To adjust the brightness or temperature, you need to hold your finger down to go up and then press again when you want to lower the level. A classic gesture for this type of lamp, but the responsiveness could have been better. We could also have imagined a remote control system to be able to change the settings remotely.

And yes, it really works

We said it at the beginning of the text: We were a little skeptical about the interest of such a product, which boasts a real influence on eye fatigue. After a few weeks we must realize that the ScreenBar is really effective, so we are now using it on a daily basis. The good idea here is the ambient light sensor, with which the light emitted by the ScreenBar can be automatically adjusted by pressing the “square” button, regardless of whether it is a brightness or a temperature level. It is especially pleasant to use in the evening, with a little soft light and a little yellow, which is really good, whether for long game sessions or for writing text. It is of course possible to set everything by hand using the appropriate buttons. The range of settings for temperature is wide, with the option of having a very harsh white light or something much warmer and “yellow”. And rest assured, this will never change the colors displayed on the screen. The lighting level remains sufficiently discreet and uniform that it can be felt when the eyes are exhausted without changing the image. The format of the lamp adapts well to all screen sizes (we tested it on a 27 and a 27 inch 32 inch) and we didn’t see any annoying reflections. Light scattering is a little less efficient and even on a curved monitor, but is still good. Selling for around a hundred dollars, the BenQ ScreenBar is a non-beckoning product that you don’t think you need to before actually using it. But we have to admit that this LED lamp is extremely convincing and effective. For this price, we might have wished for a more extensive connection to the PC, why not adjust the light to the type of content broadcast on the screen. But BenQ makes the choice of simplicity, and the ScreenBar does exactly what it demands, nothing more, nothing less. But it does it very well. Ratings + Positive points Sober and discreet design Good build quality Very easy to install Holds well above the screen Really effective light diffusion – Negative points Be careful when using a webcam. No real connection with the PC Ergonomics by The buttons are not ideal Price The BenQ ScreenBar is a seemingly straightforward technical product, but it is incredibly efficient. Easy to set up and use, this LED monitor light emits an adjustable light at will. This significantly reduces the strain on the eyes. It’s the kind of accessory we don’t think about often, but we find it hard to go without it when we use it once a day. Think about it if you spend several hours a day in front of a screen, whether it’s gaming, work, or both. Journaliste April 16, 2021 at 19:02:00 16/20 OffersLDLC € 99.95 Shipping € 6.95 Amazon € 104.40 Free deliveryRakuten € 144.99 Shipping € 4.99 From Jiikaa, journalist MP

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