World of Tanks is celebrating the return of the descendants to stores!

Game News World of Tanks Celebrates the Return of the Descendants to Stores! Posted on Apr 16, 2021 at 4:45 pm, updated on Apr 16, 2021 at 4:46 pm World of Tanks regularly enters into event partnerships with celebrities (we remember Gianluigi Buffon, for example). In 2019, The Offspring was added to the game, and for the release of their tenth album, World of Tanks is setting that back. The descendants had already played during the Wargaming Fest in Minsk in 2019 and had to play in the game lobby for fans who could not travel to Belarus. For the release of their new album, World of Tanks is honoring them with packages for sale that contain the TL-1 LPC tank. The TL-1 LPC tank, personalized with the “Pretty Fly” style named after one of her most famous songs, is piloted by the members of the in-game group. Bassist Todd Morse loads the shells, drummer Pete Parada pilots, guitarist Noodles shoots and singer Dexter Holland is tank commander and radio operator. It should be noted that Dexter Holland and Noodles incorporate their voices into the game during the maneuvers. The tank itself pays homage as it consists of a battery, multiple amps, multiple guitars, and a mixer, and celebrates the group’s California culture with its skateboards. The band’s emblem and logo are on the armor, as well as the tank style name and title of a song “Pretty Fly”. In addition to the voices of the group, their music will accompany you as you play. Another style available for Tier VIII and X tanks and “Turn it up!” is available in the personalization package of the same name. Several packs are available: The TL1-PC Standard with tank, parking space, The Offspring Bonus with 5 elements, including Pretty Fly, for € 36.44. The TL1-PC Ultime with the same elements as Standard with 6,600 gold, and fifteen experience missions x 5 plus thirty times 200% more crew experience for two hours at € 59.99. TL1-PC Supreme with the same items as standard plus 17,750 gold and thirty x 5 experience missions plus thirty times 300% more crew experience for two hours, three pieces of equipment and 75 consumables for € 99.99. The turn it up! The package costs € 13.57 and includes various cosmetics for Tier VIII and X tanks. The World of Tanks junior products are available until April 26th. Also read: By Damien-Scaletta, editor MPTwitter

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