Days Gone, the exclusive Playstation arrives on the PC! Dates, additions …

While the project of a possible sequel has been nipped in the bud, Days Gone’s developers aren’t left out. In fact, the game will be released in an improved version on PC next month. We definitely haven’t talked about Days Gone yet! Indeed, there was talk of the post apo open world game a few days ago, and not for the right reasons. We learned that Days Gone 2 wouldn’t be there. Sony prefers to focus on its largest licenses. But sometimes one bad news hides another, better this time.

See you on May 18th

The PC version has finally found a release date. On May 18th, Days Gone will land on the Sony bench with Death Stranding and Horizon: Zero Dawn exclusively on the PC. And whoever says PC version says a lot of improvements: level of detail, key settings, unlocking the image refresh rate, improving the photo mode … And for those who want to be tried, you know that the game is already available to pre-order on Steam. Also read: By meakaya, Editorial MP

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