Resident Evil Showcase: how to follow the event What to Expect

Resident Evil Showcase Event News: How do I follow the event? What to Expect Posted on Apr 15, 2021 at 1:36 PM This month’s Resident Evil Showcase will take place tonight on Capcom’s YouTube channel, available with French subtitles. A new trailer will air during the Resident Evil Showcase for the Resident Evil Village game the night before its May 7 release. We’ll also see new gameplay clips for players who want to see more. We are also promised “other surprises” without further details. Capcom will most likely also be making a return to Resident Evil Re: Verse, which is currently in beta and officially released at the same time as Resident Evil Village. The Resident Evil Showcase will be available in French from midnight on Capcom France’s YouTube channel in a subtitled French version. As a reminder, Resident Evil Village owners are being offered Resident Evil Re: Verse. Also read: By Damien-Scaletta, writing from MPTwitter

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