Last Stop Trailer will also be stopped on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5

Last Stop has already been announced for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S and will finally be available for Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5 from July this year. Last Stop is an interactive adventure game where your decisions have consequences and where you have to pass QTEs to avoid mysterious enemies that come after you. The player can switch between three characters against the backdrop of a supernatural crisis in London. Donna, a teen who gets high looking for the chills, John, a tired and older divorced woman, and finally Meena, a professional with a devouring ambition who wants the same satisfactions in her personal life as she does at work. The soundtrack is provided by award-winning Lyndon Holland for his work on Point’n Click Virginia. Last Stop will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch in July 2021. From Tanabata, writing from MP

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