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After the outrageous success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the spring of 2020, it was obvious that the contest would land. If the weather is good on the Story of Seasons (formerly Harvest Moon) side, on the independent scene side we can count on Cozy Grove, who takes on the bet to reuse the formula of the Nintendo franchise at the base of The Letter, even if it means annoying some. If you are a boy scout you need to know how to go on an adventure! This is what happens in Cozy Grove, a title developed by Spry Fox that has the peculiarity of breaking into the terrain of multiple genres but also a game with a well-established reputation to date, Animal Crossing: New Horizons. So there’s a bit of survival here, a touch of management there, not to mention finding objects, because life as a scout is anything but easy! In Cozy Grove, you play as one of them, and this one (or this one, let’s say your character doesn’t actually have a gender and you can customize him / her as you want) proudly landed on an island as a rooster.

A cursed island ?!

Seemingly calm, the island will gradually plunge into the darkness, leaving you in front of your brave and intelligent flame that will help you in your search. But that’s not all: the game will also make you meet ghosts … Ah! Nobody warned you? The island is cursed … or more precisely haunted by ghosts just waiting for your visit to be discussed. If the “scenario” (so much to put it that) of departure doesn’t shine for its originality, the tone it takes is pretty sweet and makes progression fun. The whole thing is littered with bizarre dialogues, but not as ingenious as that of the Nintendo franchise. In Cozy Grove, the principle, as the name suggests, is to make everything as cool as possible. The point is not to hurry, but rather to take your time while chatting with the ghosts you encounter as you progress. Because there are ghosts and there are many. And for good reason: the main objective of the game is to get you through an island that is growing day by day as you complete quests. With every quest you can win a sacred log, feed your fire (called a flam) and generate an expansion of your holiday resort. And, indeed, the discovery of new spirits. Ghosts, let’s talk about this: they will therefore offer you quests. Most of the time, it’s about looking for different pieces of jewelry here and there, like in a hidden object game. You are entitled to cues to help you spot them, although sometimes, when you’re in neutral color settings, the lack of visibility can be frustrating. This is due to an artistic direction of great beauty, but also full of small details. In short, an evil for a good.

Every day

When Cozy Grove faces Animal Crossing, the concept of the chill game is fully adopted: no clashes, no bosses, no tangled puzzles, and most importantly, no need to rush over a Tom Nook who calls you max bells. In fact, the title Spry Fox is not to be laid in everyone’s hands: it is reserved for those who want to take their time. The game evolves in real time so you can’t do more than a day offers you. There isn’t necessarily hours of game time to hit each day, and it’s more of a small passage every 24 hours that is rewarded. If you are immediately fascinated by the visual atmosphere of the title, by the very cute side of the games. Cozy Grove is always very positive and inevitably very slow. The first few days will not be the most pleasant like many of its competitors, but those who will persevere will know that the adventure will be even more enjoyable afterwards when you have a little more freedom, especially in your movements – as the island gets bigger – but also when the trunk of your tent gains storage space. This is probably where the game’s “double-edged sword” lies: if you don’t know that certain things will be intentionally blocked one day to bring you back the next day (or as early as midnight!), Cozy Grove won’t. made for you And this, even if we find ghosts here and there who are ready to grant you grinding missions in which, for example, you have to bring back specimens of what you find on the island. There’s crafting too, although it’s much more basic than in Animal Crossing, but again it allows you to improve your exploration skills while making money in the process. Grove shares with its famous elder: Its user interface is a bit annoying. Some game design decisions are particularly questionable. For example, before you can actually equip a fishing rod and fish with no possible shortcuts, you need to multiply the actions. In other cases, it’s decorations that won’t fade and leave you in front of an invisible wall that will annoy you. And even beyond the genre-specific choices that the game impacts, it’s generally the experience as a whole that doesn’t keep us as good as it does, despite its great visual qualities. Animal Crossing. Perhaps a Tom Nook is finally missing, which forces us to always go forward and thus give a little color and meaning to the life of a boy scout … Comments + positive points Visually excellent An atmosphere wandering and positive A successful “hidden object” page One daily development that some will like … – negative points … but annoying others A sometimes frustrating surface Some legibility problems We would have wished for “typical” days a little longer As with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it is the leitmotif of Cozy Grove, To take your time and at the same time use the breathtaking artistic direction. His positive attitude and very laid-back side will delight fans, but it’s unlikely to change the minds of those who don’t appreciate the genre. However, if the points of comparison with the Nintendo game are numerous, then the title Spry Fox does not have the talent that, if we can appreciate it, to connect with it for an hour or two every day, the fever of the new horizon is never real there. Administrateur April 15, 2021 at 9:00:00 Readers’ opinions Give your opinion on this game!

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