Returnal PS5 presents its bestiary

Game news Returnal PS5 presents its bestiary Posted on 04/14/2021 at 6:00 p.m. The next PS5 exclusive game is none other than Returnal, a TPS roguelite that takes players to Atropos, a strange planet populated by strange creatures. At the helm of Selene, you must unravel the secrets of a time warp that defies logic. This exclusive product will be released more discreetly on April 30th. To highlight the title, Sony invited Harry Krueger, Creative Director of Houseemarque, to tell us about the enemies we will encounter during the adventure. Each area of ​​return will have its own enemies, from parasitic creatures to corrupt monsters, not to mention “the automatons that patrol the seedy citadel endlessly”. To keep the rogue formula interesting, each enemy has their own set of skills and patterns. Harry Krueger also remembers organic creatures: one of my main sources of inspiration was the bioluminescent creatures of the underwater abyss. In many ways, they seem to be the most alien life forms to be found on earth. There is something very disturbing and very strange in the depths of the sea. The way these creatures move underwater, with their long tentacles and bioluminescence, can be majestic, beautiful, and utterly terrifying. It’s also not uncommon for these creatures to use their luminous beauty to attract or distract their prey … so the idea was to strike a balance between the disturbing beauty and the threat these creatures can pose. For the tentacles that can be found on many watches, Housemarque has developed a special technology to give them consistency. As mentioned above, colors can be an attack technique. Upon return, certain creatures cause their limbs to sparkle, indicating to players that an attack is imminent. In addition, the developers wanted the aspect of the monsters to match the universe and for them to tell something. To illustrate his point, he takes, for example, the mycomorph (pictured opposite): (for this monster we started) the idea of ​​a parasite that feeds on Selene’s corpses, and we can see its bones in the parasitic outgrowth when we see them look closely. Most of the time, however, we took a much more game-oriented approach to creating the enemies of Returnal: we thought about roles and archetypes that we wanted to put in each biome, and we started prototypes for each of them. Between them or for different combinations. It is also the variety of creatures that vary the gameplay. Kruger states that some monsters seek contact, while a large number of clashes are mostly resolved remotely. Using the Titanope as an example, he explains that it has an expansive arm and an arm in the shape of a cleaver. He will always try to make contact with the player and make big jumps to achieve this. Other creatures shoot from a distance and teleport, others ambush and use explosive shock waves, and still others use their ability to fly. Most of these clashes are very intense on their own, but when combined they perfectly demonstrate Returnal’s unique style of play. Each enemy has their own personality and attacks. We tried to develop the best synergies between the enemies to work together gracefully. We want the fights to always be tough and that you are very satisfied when you overcome them, but not for you to feel unfair or incomprehensible. Finally, Housemarque’s creative director insists that players need to work on their skills in space. It would therefore be imperative to always be on the move and use the levels in which we will fight. To encourage players to move around, the levels are advertised as being fairly vertical, making it possible to find more or less safe and more or less effective lines of fire.

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By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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