PS4 updates to version 8.50

The PS4 messaging hardware has been updated to version 8.50. Posted on 04/14/2021 at 8:19 pm, updated on 04/14/2021 at 8:34 pm. If players with a PS5 received the first major update of the console this Wednesday, this also applies to PS4 players that have released version 8.50 of the firmware. This update with a weight of around 480 MB is supposed to contain additional functions for the PS5. The latest addition from Sony now supports playing together with the PS4. Therefore, it made sense for the PS4 to update this as well. However, this update 8.50, which has been in beta for a few weeks, marks the disappearance of communities that was released in 2015. The death of this feature was announced some time ago and it annoys some players. Below is a list of the changes made:

Main features of the system software update

It is now possible to enjoy sharing with PS5 players from the party menu. Players can now enable or disable notifications for any of the groups they belong to in the messages menu. On the group screen, go to the Messages menu. Press Options and select “Turn off notifications” or not.

Other updated features

It is now possible to use the “Ask to Join” button on the game session screen. Other players will no longer see that you are playing a game if you have hidden the game. File format update for extended storage: When an extended storage unit is connected, its file format is used. The same extended memory cannot be used on another console with an earlier version The Community Service is no longer available

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