Our picks of the best PS4 controllers not to be missed in 2021

Many controllers have been created during the entire lifespan of our dear and loving PS4s. For FPS, racing games, VR or even MMOs, every genre has its favorite controller. Here is our small selection of the most interesting peripherals according to your needs.

Our pick of the best PlayStation 4 controllers

Console gamers are often ridiculed by PC gamers who swear by the most holy place, the keyboard / mouse combo. However, many players prefer the traditional pad to fully enjoy their favorite games. FPS, action games, racing games, every genre has its favorite controller. Here is an overview of the controllers to hone your skills!

The best controllers for action and adventure games

Double shock 4

Symmetrical stick, touchpad, gyroscope, with PSVR compatible light bar on PlayStation 4, socket for headset and loudspeaker. This little DualShock 4 has it under the hood and has good ergonomics that are suitable for all ages and perform well in the game, in the end it turns out to be perfect for this type of game. Buy the Dualshock 4 controller for € 39.89 instead of € 59.99 on Amazon

Nacon Wired Controller

This controller is slightly smaller than the DualShock 4 and has asymmetrical joysticks. It is connected to the console with a 3 m long cable, which makes it very easy to react. You can change the pleasant touch like “peach skin” and the shape of the action buttons from the Sony controller. The Nacon brand gets us used to well-made and ergonomic products. This is no exception and for the price you can play your PS4 game library or switch to multiplayer without spending too much money. Buy Nacon Controller for 39 € on Amazon

The best controllers for FPS games

Thrustmaster ESWAP PRO controller

This is an excellent controller for playing on PC as well as Playstation 4 and 5 platforms (with the limitation on PS4 games). With this freely modular controller, you can swap the position of the sticks, select your directional cross and even replace the right stick with additional buttons. Enough to create a controller to your liking with balanced or unbalanced analog sticks. Buy Thrustmaster ESWAP PRO Controller for € 169.99 on Amazon The eSwap Pro Controller is equipped with ultra-fast protectors that can be activated as quickly as possible. Little pressure with an almost instant return to position. The same goes for the triggers, who also benefit from full software management to change their action zone and dead zone. Ideal for in-game execution, making it the preferred choice for pro gamers on many esports titles, both on PC and PS4. On our part, we really appreciated the handling and the modularity, which is actually a tool for the competition. You can also read our full test that was run when the controller started up.

Razer Raiju Ultimate

The Razer Raiju Ultimate Controller occupies a special place in the line of models that are compatible with the PlayStation 4. Equipped with ultra-dry shooters for the front buttons, it offers above all a very high level of responsiveness with a superior finish – wide and comfortable ergonomics that especially appeal to adult players. On the controller there are various options for adjusting the ergonomics, between locking triggers, exchangeable cane caps, selection of the type of directional cross and, above all, an application for managing all assignments, curve settings of the canes and Buy the Razer Raiju Ultimate for € 199.99 in the official Razer Store. The added benefit of this application is that it is available on an iOS or Android smartphone rather than a PC, so the console gamer can access all of the settings in an instant without having to turn on a computer. In addition, the controller has 4 saved settings that can be called up with one click, as well as additional buttons M1 to M4. The controller works with bluetooth and cable and is compatible with PC and PlayStation 4. It is delivered in a protective cover. Oliveroidubocal’s OpinionNote: 17/20 Here is a controller designed for competition. With its exceptionally responsive shooters, its cross as exchangeable sticks and the additional buttons on the back, the Raiju Ultimate replaces an elite model on the Sony console. There are still some absences such as the detection of movement or the bars of light that make it incompatible with virtual reality in particular, elements that we are however easily forgiven given the general quality of the services.

Controller Raiju Tournament Edition 2019

Online competition on PS4 and PC continues despite the gradual arrival of the next generation. Many players still take part in online games in games like Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Siege, Call Of Duty Warzone or Battlefield V. These FPS require a certain skill that the classic PS4 controller cannot offer. The Raiju Tournament Edition thus integrates personalized pallets to increase your ability to react! It is fully configurable with its mobile application to rearrange the buttons according to your style of play. Buy Raiju Tournament Edition 2019 for € 149.99

Control system ASTRO C40 TR

In addition to the possibility of individually adapting the ergonomics, the C40 TR offers everything from a premium model: two additional paddles at the rear, trigger with short stopper, cable and radio operation using a connection owner with a dongle, a hard cover for transport, but Support for Mac and Windows software that allows the controller to be completely remapped, such as: B. the management of the reaction curves of the sticks and triggers. Buy the ASTRO C40 TR controller for € 170 on Amazon

Dualshock 4 back binding

For players who don’t want to invest in a paddle controller, you can go for this much cheaper solution! These official PlayStation pallets attach to the Dualshock controller in a very natural way. Buy the tie back for € 30.99 at Fnac

The best controllers for fighting games

Razer Raion

Fighting game fans will be delighted! Mixing the aesthetics of an arcade stick with that of a PS4 controller is Razer’s suggestion with the Raion. On the program, a controller that brings together the cross, square, round, triangle, R1 and R2 buttons offset in the right part of the controller, dedicates the left part to an 8-way Mecha-Tactile D-Pad and repositioned the Options button. Buy Razer Raion Controller for € 84.90 instead of € 109.99

Daija from Nacon

The Hori models are all excellent and perfectly equipped, but we now prefer the Daija de Nacon, the official price of which has recently dropped below € 150. And at this price, the fighting stick developed in collaboration with Champion Kayane has no real competition. Equipped with full sanwa and a removable compartment to facilitate modding and maintenance, it is a reference for Sony computers and at the same time perfectly compatible with open platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac or Linux. Stick BigBen Nacon Daija at a price of € 179.99

The best steering wheels for racing games

Logitech G29 driving force

To fully enjoy a Gran Turismo or an Asetto Corsa, there is nothing like a gaming steering wheel equipped with a crankset to elevate your sensations and immerse yourself in the game. This package gives you the chance to immerse yourself right in the heart of the game – the race. Steering wheel, braking, shifting – these gestures come to life and can no longer be reduced to a simple push of a button. Buy the Logitech G29 Driving Force + crankset for € 287.63 instead of € 399

Schubmeister T300 Ferrari

This combination of steering wheel and pedal is a concentrate of technologies intended for fans of racing games. The T300 Servo Base is at the heart of this immersion with a double belt mechanism that makes it possible to restore performances that are flexible, responsive and free from parasitic noise at the same time. You can travel as you see fit without being distracted by a sound that would get you out of your game. The steering wheel in particular is an 8/10 replica of the wheel of the 599XX EVO officially licensed by Ferrari, covered in Alcantara, the same one used on the steering wheels of real Scuderia cars. The crankset has 3 full metal pedals and is fully adjustable. Buy the Thrustmaster T300 Ferrari for € 406.69 instead of € 449.90 from AmazonOliveroidubocal to the Alcantara version and so much better than the basic version. We enjoy a smooth and precise ride with hardly a few parasitic vibrations when the engine can spin up more impressively than ever before and never shows what we see on the screen. The contribution of a serious pedal is also an undeniable plus, after all at the level of the whole, even if Fanatec and its CSL pedals took advantage of a sacred advantage precisely on this point. The fact remains that this new edition faces no competition in its price range and is clearly positioned as one of the best opportunities of the moment. We invite you to consult the full review for more information on the title. To also read:

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