HitchHiker Trailer – Solve puzzles along an abandoned highway

HitchHiker is a puzzle game in which you have to solve puzzles to learn more about your past. The software released by Versus Evil will be available tomorrow. HitchHiker puts you in the shoes of an amnesia devotee who has lost a loved one and no longer knows where to go. As you hitchhike, you will meet a whole gallery of different characters that you will meet and will travel with for a bit. The discussions you can have with them can change the way you view the world and help you regain your memory. The decisions you make will affect the rest of your story, filled with numerous dialogues and environmental puzzles. HitchHiker will be available on April 15, 2021 for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox series. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter

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