Blizzard Arcade Collection: The compilation includes two new games

Game News Blizzard Arcade Collection: The compilation includes two new games. Posted on 04/14/2021 at 8:01 am Announced at the BlizzConline opening last February, the Blizzard Arcade Collection is now expanding its selection. Via an update that became available today, the compilation now includes two new games: The Lost Vikings 2 and RPM Racing. This year, BlizzConline took place on the weekend of February 19th and 20th. As usual, the event allowed Blizzard to announce its plans for its flagship titles (Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Diablo II). It was also an opportunity for the publisher to celebrate its 30th anniversary by unveiling the release of the Blizzard Arcade Collection, a selection of games from a bygone era including: The Lost Vikings, Rock’N’Roll Racing and BlackThorne. Via a blog post yesterday, Blizzard announced that two more games would be in the game. The Lost Vikings 2 will tell the sequel to the adventures of Erik, Baleog and Olaf, while RPM Racing serves as the forerunner of Rock’N’Roll Racing, which is already included in the compilation. These two games will also not be alone since the update includes the arrival of new features. The museum now houses a gallery of conceptual documents that you can use to learn more about the evolution of titles: from preliminary concepts to finished products. A streamer mode and a local multiplayer mode (maximum of 4) have been added to the Definitive Edition of Rock’n’Roll Racing. The Blizzard Arcade Collection is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch (19.99 €) until September 21st Source: Blizzard See also: By Charlanmhg, writing by MPTwitter

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