Summoners War: Join the greatest summoners for the game’s 7th anniversary!

Summoners War game news: join the greatest summoners of the 7 years of the game! Posted on Apr 13, 2021 at 11:03 am Sponsored by summoners_war Happy Birthday Summoners War! The mobile role-playing game with more than 100 million downloads worldwide is celebrating its 7th anniversary. On this occasion, themed events are organized with the key to unlockable rewards. So there has never been a better time to join the game’s vast summoning community! Since its inception, Summoners War has welcomed new players every day! This success and longevity can be explained both by the epic and challenging monster battles of the game and by the rich content, which is regularly expanded with generous updates. Not a month goes by in which summoners around the world can prove their skills in new PvE or PvP activities. Summoners War can also count on a particularly active community. The latter can be found at many community events, but also at competitions organized throughout the year, such as the Summoners War World Arena Championship, the 2020 edition of which more than 2 million people took part. Do you want to join the big Summoners War family? The game’s 7th anniversary is the perfect opportunity to do so! From now until mid-June, players will be able to receive some unmissable rewards for free, such as a Parchment of Transcendence that is sure to pick up a Nat5 monster. In addition, there are 100 parchments for 7 years, the specialty of which is to be able to select monsters from Nat3, Nat4 and Nat5 (7 each) and to be able to execute 100 calls based on this list (except monsters of light or dark type). And for regular guests, don’t forget that the 7th anniversary coin event is still running! Until April 30th, use energy to collect up to 1,000 coins that can be exchanged for a variety of items if necessary, including Mystic Parchment, Arcenmons, Crystals, and Attribute Parchment. Enough to strengthen your monster team or expand it with new, overpowering members before attacking a boss or guild battles. Don’t wait any longer and join the party today! Summoners War is available for free on Android and iOS

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