Rogue Shift Trailer – A roguelite on a hostile planet

Rogue Shift is a roguelite with RPG elements developed by Far-Flung Games. Without an exact final release date, the software is happy with early access for now. After your delivery ship crashes, Rogue Shift puts you in the middle of a planet that obviously doesn’t want you: indeed, hordes of enemies relentlessly attack you while even the surroundings are yours. To survive, you’ll need to gain experience so you can level up and unlock weapons, items, and skills that will make you stronger. The parties are supposed to be intense and relentless. The pressure will therefore be constant for both the character and the player as online leaderboards are available for the 3 game modes. Rogue Shift is currently available for early access to PC through Steam. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter

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