Red Dead Online: Explorers Are Popular!

Game News Red Dead Online: Explorers Are Popular! Posted on 04/13/2021 at 10:19 p.m. Each week, Rockstar presents the activities, bonuses and promotions available to players for the next 7 days. This week the developers seem to want to reward the followers of the missions in exploration mode. This week, Red Dead Online players will receive Double XP for starting a Free Roam mission. In addition, the same bonus will be applied to all Exploration Mode events, enough to collect a maximum of points. While it is possible to complete these missions and participate in events alone, players acting in groups will receive an additional bonus. In fact, all of the Exploration Mode missions performed with other players will grant 40% of RDO $ and XP in more as the 10% bonus given to the groups as a base is added to the rest. Until April 19th, passing ranks means additional rewards. These are: For a rank earned, players will receive the Bluewater Marsh Treasure Map. For three ranks earned, players receive the North Ridgewood Treasure Map and a Skill Card. For six ranks earned, players will receive the North Ridgewood Lake Isabella Treasure Map. Note that Fast Travel and Barbers are free for the next 7 days before moving on to the limited time items and promotions.

Item offered for a limited time

Porter JacketDouble Carbow Bandolier Fernwater Coat Torranca Coat Folwell Hat Griffith Leggings

Weekly promotions

-30% on all shotguns, rifles and holster belts -30% on all pants, skirts and boots -40% on all stables, buffs and horse feed -40% on war horses and workhorses.

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