Nintendo Switch: new victim of shortage!

Shuntaro Furokawa, the current president of Nintendo, recently agreed to answer Nikei’s questions. An interview that has more to do with concern than good news … you probably know, it’s no good looking for a console at this point. Between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox series, this year is marked by the shortage. Even PC users struggle with the lack of graphics cards. And now Nintendo President Shuntaro Furokawa Nikei shares his concerns about the components of the Nintendo Switch.

Not enough components?

No urgency at the moment. Indeed, Nintendo has secured an inventory of semiconductors large enough to meet current orders. But that could evolve in the coming months. Indeed, particularly in Japan, the demand continues to rise and orders are multiplying. So much so that the President of Big N is creating “the possibility of shortages in certain retailers in the future”. As a result, nothing is secure, even if the threat is actually above the only threat that has been saved from multiple bottlenecks. Also read: From meakaya, writing from MP

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