Dont ‘Forget Me Trailer – A jazzy retro-futuristic puzzle game

Don’t Forget Me is a jazz-punk-themed pixel art puzzle game edited and developed by The Moon Pirates, scheduled for April 20th. Don’t Forget Me gets you to play as Fran, an amnesiac woman who needs to invade patients’ minds to discover and copy their memories. This is done through successful puzzles to learn more about the history of the software. A story that is not all intimate, as your analysis and conclusions relating to good management of your human relationships must enable you to put an end to a dark conspiracy that threatens to subjugate all of humanity. To encourage this, the software incorporates a system that connects it to Twitch so that players who stream the game can play with their viewers. Don’t Forget Me will be available on PC on April 20, 2021. By Rob_Bellamy, MPTwitter editor of

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