Before Your Eyes Trailer: Blink your eyes to move on with your adventure

Before Your Eyes is a first person narrative adventure developed by studi GoodByeWorld Games and published by Skybound Games. Before Your Eyes offers a pretty interesting concept: blinking your eyes moves you forward in the story. And it’s not about beats that you control with a click or a touch, it’s about your own blinking signals captured by your own webcam. The game starts after you die. You are a wandering soul that is installed in the boat of a soul ferryman and wants to lead you to the afterlife. He must first know everything about your previous life and therefore will send you back to your memories to get to know it. So you will relive happy memories of love, family or even career, but also other much more painful memories that you are trying to hide from this ferryman. Before Your Eyes has been available exclusively on PC since April 8, 2021. From Tanabata, writing from MP

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