Supermassive Games (Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures) on a new project?

Game news Supermassive Games (Till Dawn, The Dark Pictures) about a new project? Posted 04/09/2021 07:39 AM Supermassive Games, a studio you know for the anthology licenses “Until Dawn” and “The Dark Pictures”, may be looking for new talent for an “exciting, unannounced secret project”. While preparing the release of The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes, the third installment of its terrifying saga under the Arabian desert, for this year, Supermassive Games is also in the process of recruiting new faces for specific positions that are essential for the good progress of one Project: a lead-level designer, a UI programmer, or even a designer who is able to “create varied and compelling real-time battles”. If it is entirely possible that these announcements are for the development of the final episode of The Dark Pictures, this last quoted statement inspires a new direction for this team used to the narrative choices and QTE. Mentions from the journalists of gamesradar. Note, however, that the studio seems to be sticking closer to its DNA by adding a film designer “to create our latest storytelling games” and a sound designer “to our AAA horror titles”. Some people also specifically want to “join The Dark Pictures development team”. From Tiraxa, writing from MP