Preview Resident Evil Re: Verse: Capcom struggles to find the ideal multiplayer formula!

Preview Resident Evil Re: Verse: Capcom struggles to find the ideal multiplayer formula! Posted on 8/4/2021 at 6:22 pm, updated on 8/4/2021 at 6:25 pm The announcement of a new Resident Evil game is always an event, unless it is based on a new multiplayer experience so far only to rarely convinced. Re: Verse is a competitive TPS set to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Capcom’s zombie franchise with fanservice. Resident Evil Re: Can Verse Make People Forget The Online Wanderings Of The Past? The Resident Evil Re: Verse Open Beta will be available April 8-11, 2021. The editors of took the opportunity to spend a few hours discovering Capcom’s new competitive TPS, a shooter that can only be played online.

Fan versus fun

Resident Evil Re: Verse humbly presents itself as a competitive TPS, in which 4-6 players compete against each other in closed arenas, no longer, and meets the PvP shooter specification. Capcom’s project includes some elements that mirror the main series without distorting a genre from which it borrows its unique game mode (Death Match), points system, kill streaks, and much more. The Open Beta offers fans the role of 6 heroes, namely Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy, the mysterious Ada Wong and finally the operator of the Umbrella company … Hunk. Known to players, these characters are forced to face-off and pledge in equally iconic locations, starting with the infamous Raccoon City Police Station, the only arena available when it comes to putting our first impressions on paper shooter invents nothing and just puts a Resident Evil “skin” on … well … almost on a formula that has proven itself. Aim, shoot, dodge, and survive sums it up perfectly. Even so, the characters have weapons, skills, all of which are supported for the series, and even stats that are specific to them, which adds a touch of depth to the gameplay seen and verified. Even the feeling of arms in hand, essential to this type of game, rarely manages to invigorate confrontations that are sorely lacking in intensity and vigor. Fortunately, Re: Verse purposely alters the DNA of competitive TPS. Death in Resident Evil is just the beginning, and that couldn’t be truer in this spin-off that turns the defeated player into very (too) powerful biological weapons. Gameplay: Top 1 with Claire Redfield at the police station In the event of premature death, the heroes transform into one of the following 5 biological weapons according to the number of virus capsules previously collected in the environment and with a slight dose of randomness: The Mycomorph Colossus, the Hunter Y , Jack Baker, the Nemesis, and finally the Tyrant S. To make up for the clashes, these ability-equipped creatures continually lose life in addition to the damage they take. Once its health is reduced to zero, the creature dies so that the hero can reappear. If, on paper, the addition of biological weapons allows Re: Verse to break free from the mundane TPS, the battles get all the more chaotic and the survivors are forced to be shot down for the sole purpose of speaking the full power of genetics from a technical point of view what to say except that this Resident Evil, developed using Capcom’s RE Engine, is proving to be stable. The opposite would have been surprising. Re: Verse shines neither through its graphics nor through its artistic direction, which is much less realistic than in the previous productions with the stamp “RE” from the Japanese publisher. The rendering ends up alternating between the ordinary and the “cartoon” without finding a balance. Last but not least, the matchmaking as part of a 100% online experience. Only public, the latter alone cannot make players populate servers that are currently abandoned. However, this may change during the Open Beta when the game is released. The lack of a feature that lets you invite friends directly is also to be regretted, and it directly affects the experience from the Resident Evil franchise’s 25th anniversary in a fun way. Capcom’s shooter stands out more for its ubiquitous fan service than its agreed-upon gameplay, with the exception of bio-weapon transformations, minimal content, and uninspired graphics. The Resident Evil saga is still struggling to find a suitable multiplayer formula, although it will be necessary to wait for the final invasion on May 7, 2021 to make a final diagnosis. Journalist April 8, 2021 at 6:22 p.m.