Outrider: How can future compensation gifts be reclaimed?

Outriders Game News: How to Earn Future Compensation Gifts Posted on Apr 8th, 2021 at 8:11 PM, updated on Apr 8th, 2021 at 8:12 PM Starting Outriders wasn’t easy … It has to be said that gamers regularly receive error messages regardless of their gaming platform. Obviously People Can Fly, the creators of the looter shooter, are aware of the problem and are currently working hard to fix it. But that is not all. To compensate the victims of these premature crashes, People Can Fly is offering gifts to the players. Interruption, crashes, errors of all kinds … Unfortunately, players have a lot of problems navigating Outriders, the brand new multiplayer adventure from People Can Fly. To thank participants for their patience and to make up for all of this inconvenience, the game developers today announce that several free rewards will arrive in the coming days. These rewards are offered in the form of a package called the “Community Recognition Package”. How do I get the “Community Recognition Package”? Nothing is easier! The latter, as soon as it becomes available – no release date has been announced yet – will automatically be offered to all players who signed up for the game between March 31st and April 11th, 2021. Eligible players will then receive a Legendary Weapon, Titan (one of the in-game currencies) and the “Frustration” emote. Note, however, that this package is only for your highest level character. If you have multiple characters, you can delete the character you like the least or edit the character you like the most. Finally, the team behind the looter shooter outriders let us know that they’ve been working on the problem since the game started The game was an issue that unfortunately didn’t show up in the demo version of the title. Our team has been working all Easter weekend and around the clock to resolve server issues that players are facing. We fully understand how frustrating this experience will have been. By JeromeJoffard, writing from jeuxvideo.com MPTwitter