Nintendo Switch: Finally Support for Bluetooth Audio?

Nintendo Switch Hardware News: Finally Support for Bluetooth Audio? Posted on 08/4/2021 at 08:35 AM Nintendo Switch Update 12.0 suggested a new dock for the Nintendo console would be in the works based on research from data processors. These today show another possible addition to this update: support for Bluetooth audio! Rumors about the Nintendo Switch have been rife, especially since its update 12.0.0 was released. Indeed, dataminers have scoured the Nintendo hybrid console’s firmware and discovered elements in it that suggest the possible new version of the console (the famous Nintendo Switch Pro, which may have a different name when it comes out one day) is a new version would contain Dock, which, unlike the current Dock itself, could be updated. But the “data miners” made another discovery … I personally don’t think Nintendo would add this for no reason so hopefully this will be used somewhere. (Especially since Bluetooth audio is a very popular feature on the Switch.) We’ll see what happens. Maybe it will, maybe it won’t. Nintendo works in a mysterious way. – OatmealDome (@OatmealDome) April 7, 2021 According to this, the Bluetooth driver of the switch system has been updated and could therefore add one of the most important functions requested by players in the short or medium term: Bluetooth audio support. In fact, it’s still impossible to plug a bluetooth headset or headphones directly into the switch. For now, we need a third party device, an adapter, despite the boom in wireless audio device sales. We’ll wait for the next features to be added to the Switch, but Bluetooth audio support seems like one of the fastest to come given the strong demand from the gaming community. MPTwitter