PS Now: Are there really big games missing on the Sony platform?

PS Now game news: Are there really big games missing on the Sony platform? Posted on 06/04/2021 at 6:40 PM Sony may be a leader in console and game sales. The company is still making strides in the Netflix video game space, an area where the Xbox game Pass stands out. Due to a larger number of subscribers at Microsoft, a recent study reported that the content of PlayStation Now would no longer engage players. We’ll tell you what it really is. “The lack of entertaining games (editor’s note) is the number one reason users (…) give up on PS Now,” Ampere Analysis bluntly blurted out in a recently published study. According to the company, 25% of American and Japanese subscribers out of 8,400 respondents gave up Sony’s offer in late 2020 (21% for France). An offer that won the latest news 2.2 million by numbers from last April. Those disappointed gamers would also blame the value for money too low and be forced to leave by seeing their friends enjoy other services. With 800 PS2, PS3 and PS4 games accessible via streaming and / or download depending on the medium, we can’t really say that PlayStation Now is lacking material. Especially since the service made its biggest change at the end of 2019 by falling below the mark of ten euros per month (which corresponds to the 9.99 of the Game Pass), with the added bonus of the monthly announcement of a “selection of hits”, as first Uncharted 4 and God of War. Marvel’s Avengers are invited for this month of April.


Marvel’s Avengers The “problem” is that these very large games that can make PS Now shine like the Bethesda catalog for Game Pass are only available for a limited time. For example, Marvel superheroes will be leaving Sony’s offering on July 5th. After this date, the title will no longer be available through the service, even if it was previously downloaded. To enjoy it again, you’ll have to buy it from PlayStation Store or wait for it to return to PS Now. With each new wave of additions, the big limited-time games are accompanied by other “small” titles. (Or pretty old) which in theory will stay on the platform forever. This time the survival game The Long Dark stayed with it. But the big games aren’t the same caliber every month. For example, for last March, the hits in question were Call of Duty: Black Ops III and WWE 2K Battlegrounds. And the treats offered by the way have often already passed through the PS Plus box (which was definitely purchased by players who are still subscribed), to which the offers from Play at Home for the duration of the detention and those of the PlayStation More Collection for are now added became PS5 owners. Chronicle – The 3 Weaknesses of PlayStation Now (Daily)

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“The lack of fun games can be a critical problem for any subscription service,” says Ampere Analysis. And it’s true that despite its plethora of offerings, Sony is struggling to get attention to PlayStation Now, especially on the sidelines of its other offerings, including the PS Plus, which is much more popular (47 million subscribers to the latest news). In contrast, Microsoft offers its first day exclusively in Game Pass and invites you to creative pearls such as the youngest Narita Boy and Genesis Noir as well as to host titles from other publishers such as Electronic an art catalog from the day they are released. Last September, Jim Ryan spoke, Head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told GamesIndustry media journalists about this wealth of content in a single subscription, explaining that Xbox’s approach falls far short of the vision of PlayStation: For us, a games catalog is not a definition of a platform (.. .). We will not commit to adding new titles to a subscription model. These games cost (…) more than $ 100 million to develop. We just don’t see it as sustainable – Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (GamesIndustry) PlayStation Now A view not shared by Microsoft, whose Game Pass spending is still unknown. Currently, the company is still in the customer acquisition phase with the aim of converting “3 billion players” with its offering, as a recently published Eurogamer article reminds us. There are now 18 million Game Pass subscribers, a lot more than PS Now. But Sony clearly has no ambition to catch up with its competitors. At least not at the moment. By Indee, journalist MP