Pac-Man 99 Trailer: a new Battle Royale on Switch

The fashion for battle royale is not going to let up. After the advent of Fortnite or Apex FPS, other play styles have tried the genre. We remember Tetris 99 in particular. Today Pac-Man joins the trend with its Battle Royale version. We have to be careful to get victory in this new Pac-Man game. In fact, there are no fewer than 99 players who can compete in Pac-Man 99. The goal is simple: to be the last survivor. In this Battle Royale version of the cult license from Bandai Namco, swallowing a ghost makes it possible to attack one of his opponents with an enemy Pac-Man. Speed, reflex and strategy are therefore the keys to victory. Pac-Man 99 will only be available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers starting April 8th. From meakaya, writing from MP