A Sony game is coming to Xbox Game Pass!

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s subscription service for a catalog of video games that is regularly expanded. This pass offers games from a large number of publishers, unlike EA Play which, as the name suggests, mainly only offers Electronic Arts games. Many gamers have succumbed to the tempting offer of Xbox Game Pass. The business model appeals more than its main competitor, PlayStation Now, which is struggling to attract and retain its subscribers. It therefore seems illogical for a Sony game to integrate the Xbox Game Pass, which therefore becomes free for those who have already subscribed to the service. Nevertheless, this scenario is to be expected.

Despite the competition, a game developed by Sony in Xbox Game Pass

MLB The Show 21 is a relatively unknown baseball game in Europe, but a real phenomenon in the US. This was developed by Sony San Diego, but will integrate Xbox Game Pass, starting with the game’s release. It is the MLB that gives Sony the rights to the baseball league that with the origin of this request: the publisher has been asked to skip the exclusivity and now port the game to other consoles so that members can play the best version of the game, regardless of the console used. Also Read: REVIEW ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Tanabata, Editor MP of Jeuxvideo.com