The Signifier trailer receives a Director’s Cut 6 months after its release

The Signifier, a first person adventure game that asked the player to solve puzzles and find clues in a very dark atmosphere, didn’t convince us when it was released in October 2020 and received a score of 12/20. However, it will soon be expanded with a Director’s Cut version. While a trailer announced its imminent arrival, the Director’s Cut version of The Signifier is finally dated: it will be released on PC April 22nd via Steam, GOG, and Humble. A new epilogue that does greater credit to the characters and the decisions made along the way is the adventure. It also features new dialogue, new synchronization, and new memories to explore. On the technical side, the game should be better optimized for “low-end” PCs and contain shorter loading times and better fluidity. In addition to new tips in the game, a new level of difficulty will also be available. Last but not least, all of these upgrades are free for players who already own the base game. The Signifier: Director’s Cut will be available on PC on May 27th, and later on Xbox One and PS4. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter