Dungeon Escape Trailer Comes To Consoles: Who Said Super Meat Boy?

Dungeon Escape is a 2D platform that was released in May 2016 on PC and some time later on mobile. In two weeks it will also arrive on consoles. The Switch, PS4 and One will see Dungeon Escape in their catalog on April 21st or in 15 days. However, its latest trailer does not suggest any additional addition compared to its old versions, which severely limits the interest for players who have already toured the adventure. It will therefore always be a matter of controlling a little cube (who said Super Meat Boy?) Trying to escape from a mysterious dungeon. This will result in a sequence of 2D rooms with minimalist graphics, filled with traps and enemies, which translates into a very high level of challenge (who said Super Meat Boy?). Dungeon Escape is available on PC, iOS, and Android and will be released on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on April 21, 2021. By Rob_Bellamy, Jeuxvideo.com Editor, MPTwitter