CS: GO: The FBI is investigating a range of match fixing

CS: GO Game News: FBI Investigates Series of Match Fixing Posted on 6/4/2021 at 6:13 PM CS: Go is a legendary game in the esports scene and has always attracted a number of scammers. However, things take on a whole new dimension when there is suspicion that professional games have been rigged. In a recent interview with Slash32, Ian Smith, commissioner for the Esports Integrity Commission, said an investigation was underway into potentially rigged games in the North American scene of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ESIC is currently working with the authorities, and in particular the FBI, to shed light on this matter. In particular, the research refers to “a relatively small but important group of players who have long organized match-fixing in North America (Mountain Dew League)”. As Ian Smith told Kotaku Australia, the cheating would not have been a stand-alone initiative, it would have been organized through betting structures that the players then paid for. Again, we’re working in part with law enforcement and the FBI, which only recently had a sports betting investigative unit. They are good, but they are inexperienced because sports betting was never a big deal in America until recently … The investigation is still ongoing, but ESIC says it will be able to do so within 10 to two days Weeks to file charges. GamesIndustry also reminds that match fixing is a criminal offense in Australia. By MalloDelic, journalist jeuxvideo.com MP