Genuine Arcade Pro V Hori Nintendo Switch Sticks are for sale

Note: 16/20 we are therefore in the presence of a real competitive model, similar to that offered by Hori for the Sony and Microsoft consoles. Without compromising on the quality of the buttons, joystick or case, the Real Arcade Pro V for Switch shines in terms of both comfort and performance and is a real cut compared to its current competitors. However, it is difficult to hide the inadequate wired connection just for a platform that is just as frequently used on the go as it is in the living room, while just by purchasing additional support with USB ports you can play directly on the screen from your console. We would therefore have been delighted if Hori had revised his copy a little, incorporating the additions to the RAP N and adapting to the limitations of the platform to which it is dedicated, instead of simply offering us a model that has this now a classic will.