Chronicle 5 Trivia: Kingdom Hearts: The Video Game MCU?

The Kingdom Hearts saga, born in 2002, is probably one of the most complex in video game history. On the occasion of its arrival on PC, return to this cult series after nearly 20 years.

Kingdom Hearts is born

With a game that blends the worlds of Disney and Final Fantasy, we can expect a development worthy of a fairy tale. And we are not far from it. In the late 1990s, early 2000, Square Soft smashed competitive RPG thanks to its FF. The next logical step is to compete with Nintendo on its own ground: platform games. Legend has it that Square Soft would have turned to Disney, whose Japanese subsidiary worked in the same building, as they would not have seen any characters other than Disney’s to compete with the giant Mario. The bosses of the two companies, who happened to be in the same elevator, would have allowed the adventure to begin.

Such a complicated scenario?

The basic concept couldn’t be simpler: Sora and his friends Goofy and Donald go from world to world and from universe to universe to save their friends from the dark. Then each new game (and there are many) brings its “little” layer of additional intrigue, which makes the whole thing much more complex across the episodes: we greet the characters who exist in different forms, in different universes, and so on.

A multi-platform saga

The saga, which was first released on PS2, also has the right to games that appear on GBA, DS, 3DS, mobiles, PSP, PS3. In short, you have to persevere and invest to succeed. The main storyline was thankfully largely resolved in Kingdom Hearts 3, which was released on PS4 and Xbox One in 2019 and now on PC. But the really big chunk that is hard to swallow is the HD 1.5 + 2.5 remix, which brings 6 episodes together (from the beginning of the saga to episode “2”), but also the prologue of the final chapter of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 * takes your breath *.

A universe worthy of the MCU

To understand the 3 encrypted episodes (only) you will need to run the many other spin-offs and companies that add to understanding the plot and characters, and add more. Post-credits scenes are also shown regularly to tease events that sometimes happen years later.

A disappointing association with Final Fantasy?

One thing to consider is the total emphasis on Disney to the detriment of Final Fantasy in terms of the crossed environments. Same observation on the side of the characters, some of which were present in alternate versions during the first few episodes, then they gradually disappear. If this does not prevent the discovery of charismatic characters like the members of the great Organization XIII. We keep our fingers crossed for the series creator Tetsuya Nomura to prepare us to visit some of the worlds of FF for Kingdom Hearts IV. SEE THE OTHER “5 THINGS TO KNOW” VIDEOS Posted by Rob_Bellamy, MPTwitter, Editor of