Knockout City, Beta: Tips and Advice, our guide to get you started

News tip Knockout City, Beta: Tips and Advice, our guide to get you started Published on 02/04/2021 at 8:16 PM Knockout City, the Dodgeball (Ball for Prisoner) game developed by EA and featured during the last Nintendo Direct release the open beta! After playing it for a few hours, here are all of our tips so that you can have fun and have fun with your opponents right from the start!

Do all knockout city workouts in a row

First, learn all the intricacies of gameplay in training mode. The game gives you the opportunity to play games between each phase of this mode: don’t do it. We strongly recommend that you go through the 4 tutorials. Why ? Quite simply because the most important information is at the very end. The basic movements don’t take too much to have a tutorial, you just need to test all of the buttons. It only gets interesting as you learn more advanced keyboard shortcuts and tricks. We think, for example, of brushed or lobed shots, overloaded throws or deflection of the ball in defense. As we told you in our preview of Knockout City, this “TPS” prefers tactical decisions and team play with sheer skill. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the keys before entering the arena. It will not take long! You’ll be much more comfortable for your first game once your fingers and head are used to the game mechanics. We also found that some buttons are not necessarily very intuitive. If you’re feeling just like us, then you can scroll through the options to customize your keys asap.

Above all, Knockout City is a team game!

While team play is more important than anything else, it is still possible to achieve individual success in Knockout City. In a couple of hours in the beta, we’ve already encountered a player who is strong enough to win a 1v3 round. In Round 2, our team of big noobs turned the tide by playing fair. A little more collective. No matter who is against you, in the face of effective team play, it is absolutely impossible to break away from it. In another match, we went into a round with an “Ultimate Throw” (that is, a super charged shot from a teammate in a ball) that allowed us to start with a triple kill. With such a lead, an easy win held out its arms to us. All of this to tell you that Dodgeball is a team game. Passing is always profitable as it charges the ball and rushes at an enemy to destabilize it while a teammate aims to guarantee a knockout. When you use a ball you become a more impressive ball than ever before, and so on. In short, playing together There are a few things to know to maximize your chances of hitting your opponents in Knockout City. The most obvious of all that we just talked about: wait for the person opposite to deal with a teammate and knock them out while their attention is elsewhere. A deceptive technique, but an effective technique. In general, surprise is your best ally. Taking enemies from behind, attacking them in the air, or being busy elsewhere is the best way to get them. Don’t rush around like a tyrant. Stay mobile, but be patient. Analyze the terrain, including the areas where players appear like bullets, spot the weak links on the opposing team, and most importantly, gain height. As in any shooting game, being high gives you a huge advantage over your opponents. If you have the opportunity to play a game with “sniper balls”, you’ll learn even better how to use all of the special balls! Every game has its special ball. The one who traps your opponents makes them easy targets, but it also allows them to be grabbed to throw them into the void. The one that explodes is a formidable offensive weapon as it cannot be dodged if you throw it at the right time (in return, it can blow you in the hands). It remains the one that brightens up gravity to position yourself higher and higher and attack your opponents from new angles. You are still in hand-to-hand combat situations on a regular basis. When you have no allies to help you this is played with sheer skill. Spamming a key, including the hyphen, is useless and only leaves you vulnerable during recovery frames. Keep calm, analyze your opponent, fake him and attack as soon as he presses a button that is useless. Guaranteed effect.

Defense in Knockout City: is it better to throw or catch the ball?

If attack remains at the heart of the game and its strategies, then there is no point in hitting often once you pass half the game. KO During training you will only learn two defense techniques in play: catching the ball (trigger on the left on the console) or dodging it (left button). Well, there’s the little jump to the side as well, but it’s a more effective technique for turning 1 on 1 and taking brush shots than avoiding bullets in the face. So the big question is what is better to do? As you can imagine, it all depends on the situation. Catch the ball before a long shot. The risk of missing out on something is quite low. If you have the timing right, you will receive a free fee. However, up close, we strongly recommend not to tempt the devil. Try to disarm your opponent by storming them! With a little skill, you can steal the ball (unless it’s an explosive ball, of course)! Be careful, once the ball is in your hand it is tempting to fully charge your strokes. That is nonsense. Charging a shot makes you extremely slow and makes you a perfect target. When you get close to your target or attack by surprise, charging the shot is more crippling than anything else. Another defensive tip: stay fluent. With or without a ball, you have to keep moving. Tell yourself the longer the sprint button is held, the less likely it is that you will be knocked out. Another advantage of fluid remains that you can take full advantage of the pitch. Knockout City’s maps are pretty darn good, safe places abound. Go from hiding to hiding and always be very careful when you have to jump. You are always more visible and vulnerable in the air. From -LecHad-, writing from MP