Dying Light 2: lifespan, technical design, Techland speaks

Game News Dying Light 2: Lifespan, Tech Design, Techland Speaks Posted 03/04/2021 01:01 PM, Updated 04/03/2021 01:03 PM Announced many moons ago and still awaited, Dying Light 2 has only recently come out of the shadows. We have heard that the title is due to be released this year, but we know little about its content or how it has evolved. In a recent interview with WCCFTech, Techland spoke about the technical innovations that marked the development of Dying Light 2, which seems to be dragging on for some of the public. First, our colleagues asked Tomasz Szałkowski, Rendering Director, Łukasz Burdka, Senior Technology Programmer, and Andrzej Płaczek, Game Engine Director, to comment on the engine change. In fact, the Dying Light is giving up the Chrome 6 for the second work in favor of the C engine: Łukasz Burdka: We have upgraded almost all of the engine’s basic systems. The new system of game components allows us to offer a large number of items in the levels. With World Streaming technology, gamers can explore our huge city without having to charge up. We’ve updated our physics engine to bullet physics, which is found in some of the most popular open-world blockbusters. The brand new animation and facial expression system allows us to present realistic characters. Thanks to the new AI system, they not only have an appearance, but also a realistic behavior. (…) The new story system helps to branch out stories and big changes in the world, which the players can shape through their decisions. (…) The transition to the C engine overlapped with the pre-production phase of Dying Light 2. These changes were inevitable in order to create the detailed world of Dying Light 2. (…) The audio system has also been redesigned and Dying Light 2 will use WWise to enable interactive music support. Finally, Łukasz Burdka points out that these necessary changes took a long time and appear to be partly responsible for the successive shifts. Regarding the C engine, he adds that thanks to World Streaming technology, the limitation of the map, which is still four times larger than in Dying Light 1, is an simply creative choice. The developers explain that filling the world with objects, challenges, and interesting perspectives to explore takes time, so you need to know how to limit yourself. Additionally, Techland states that the play area will be much more vertical. If Dying Light 2 is expected for PS5 and Xbox series as well as PC, the developers point out that PS4 and Xbox One, much more installed, were of course the reference consoles for development: the “main” consoles were long Time our priority. We do everything we can to ensure that the quality of the game on PS4 or Xbox One is of the highest standard. We started testing on older generation consoles much earlier than in other projects. This was to do with the extent of the engine changes and ambitious plans to make a game even bigger and more complex than Dying Light. However, the new generation will benefit from notable improvements, with a performance mode, a mode resolution, and a quality mode (ray tracing). Finally, we had some elements that allow us to imagine a little more easily the extent to which Techland would like to give Dying Light 2. First, the lifespan question: if you hurry you should be able to finish the game. Story in about 20 hours. But to see everything, you’d have to spend two to three times more time there. Our opening area alone can be over 7 to 8 hours if you want to explore every nook and cranny. So there is a lot to discover. Like a few days ago, Techland assures us that we will learn a lot more in the coming weeks. Communication around the game will of course speed up as we get closer to release.

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