The best free games of the moment

Here we go again ! Round 3 of containment for the whole country starting this weekend. If you find this term synonymous with boredom or depression, but you love to gamble, rest assured: there is no shortage of free games to play or repeat. Let’s start on PC with the Epic Game Store’s free game of the week: Tales of the Neon Sea, a pixel art adventure and investigation game set in a cyberpunk universe. On the Sony side, PS Plus offers Oddworld: Soulstorm only for PS5 and two games for PS4 that put zombies in the spotlight: the open-world Days Gone released in 2019 and the cooperative shooter Zombie Army 4.

Microsoft hits hard

There’s no shortage of choices on the Microsoft side: the retro nugget Narita Boy and the post-apo co-op shooter Outriders, two big games, will therefore appear as soon as they’re released on Game Pass. The Game With Gold offer gives you access to 4 more anecdotal games. The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG is being tested on Xbox this weekend, along with the motorcycle action game Steel Rats and the nerve-wracking multiplayer FPS Hunt Showdown. If that doesn’t help you find happiness … By Rob_Bellamy, written by MPTwitter