Dusk, Prodeus, Ultrakill … 7 “retro” FPs that you absolutely must do

Game News Dusk, Prodeus, Ultrakill … 7 “Retro” FPS You Must Do Posted on 04/01/2021 at 7:25 PM If you grew up in the 90s, you may be Doom-like madness not escape. or “quivering”, which we now call FPS. In recent years, the genre has sought to get back to its roots through titles whose main desire is to pay tribute to the classics. The peculiarity of “retro” or “neo-retro” FPS is that they resemble games released 25 or 30 years ago, but that doesn’t stop them from being very modern in some ways. Here is a selection of the best of their kind, a must-have if you want to rekindle the flame of the old school FPS.


Particularly inspired by the first two Dooms, Prodeus manages to find his own identity through some very good ideas. Visually, the title is therefore particularly catchy thanks to a particle system and processed lighting, which in particular makes it possible to benefit from very effective Gore effects. The game is also based on an animation system that looks like “stop motion” (frame-by-frame animation) and gives all opponents in the game a crazy seal of approval. But above all, thanks to him, Prodeus is extremely fun weapons that have a damn good potato. Still in Early Access, Prodeus makes up for the lack of solo content with plenty of quality maps created by an already very active community. The game is also equipped with a map editor.


ULTRAKILL was dubbed “Devil May Quake” humor by its creators and is an angry and fascinating journey that goes back to the essence of this type of game: constantly moving, aiming correctly and reacting quickly. Based on a series of often well thought out arenas, Ultrakill challenges you to overcome several waves of enemies and try to get the best possible score, that is, by multiplying the combos. The game is very, very fast, especially since you can line up several “lines” one after the other, regardless of whether on the ground or in the air. The weapons, which perfectly complement the basic attack every second use, are also particularly successful. The game is quite difficult, unsurprisingly, and the visual rendering is very refined on purpose so we focus on what really matters: survival. Ultrakill is currently in Early Access, but it already has a lot of content. Ultrakill told the gameplay

Ion rage

Do you miss Duke Nukem and his well-struck valves? This is Shelly “Bombshell” Harrisson, his female counterpart who was originally supposed to appear in Duke Nukem Forever. However, 3D Realms decided to give it a second life through Ion Fury, an FPS heavily inspired by Duke Nukem 3D, so it uses the same engine. Everything is there: the quiet humor of the forehead, the valves of the heroine, the “exaggerated” weapons and the immense, very labyrinthine and partially destructible levels. The game takes place in “Neo-Washington” and challenges you to end an alien invasion. Obviously, the story is just an excuse to derail the aliens in a happy series B atmosphere. Ion Fury is not the most original game on the list, but it turns out to be the perfect stopgap if you are lacking games “à la Duke 3D”.

In the midst of evil

Among the big names of the FPS of the 90s, we naturally think of Doom, Quake or Duke Nukem. But perhaps a little less in Heretic and Witches, two titles that had the special feature of being set in a universe shaped by medieval fantasy. Here you have to be inspired by Amid Evil, a game with a slightly crazy design that gives great importance to magic swords and sticks that can throw energy balls. Visually, Amid Evil is one of the nicest titles in this selection, thanks to a design that mixes magic, but also a very interesting “steampunk” page. It’s also the only title that supports ray tracing effects if you have a compatible graphics card (the feature is still in beta, but how to enable it is explained on the game’s Steam page). Nervous, efficient and very original, Amid Evil also teaches level design. In the middle of the bad trailer

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin

Wrath: Aeon of Ruin, which is also published by 3D Realms (which is definitely developing into a retro FPS-specializing company alongside New Blood Interactive), is currently in its early stages, but is proving to be highly recommended, be it in terms of content or lack of content-related errors. Wrath: Aeon of Ruin was developed with the id Tech 2 engine that served as the basis for the first Quake, and takes some of the aesthetics of the game from the id software released in 1996, but with a touch of dark fantasy that goes perfectly with it fits. . The atmosphere is medieval and Gothic, weapons pierce demons in all directions and the level design, very open, gives exploration pride of place, sometimes at the risk of going in circles. The progression system is also quite demanding, as each save consumes 1 artifact that has to be reloaded as you progress through the level. It is therefore necessary to choose the right time to place a control point. Zorn: Aeon of Ruin – The first 10 minutes

Post Void

Be careful, (very) weird game. Visually, Post Void is arguably the most controversial title in this pick, and you should be warned. Freund 87 told us in his most recent test: “People prone to epilepsy are being asked to flee Post Void like the plague. YCJY Games’ title goes for a graphical orientation, to say the least, retro but especially garish, where every pistol shot creates a flash of lightning on the screen in the same way as any received shots. “If you agree to join this very strange journey you will discover a rogue-lite tinted FPS that is especially mesmerizing and addicting. Your goal here is to find the exit of the level as quickly as possible because yours The only way to stay afloat: kill enemies. You can choose a bonus between the individual levels that will help you to go a little further. The concept is not new, but it works with ultra-speed FPS especially good. It is undoubtedly not to use all hands, but that has the advantage of being sold at a very low price (€ 2.50).


If all you have to do is play one retro FPS from these selections, then you can look at Twilight, possibly one of the best shooting games in recent years, with your eyes closed. Dusk was developed by one person – David Szymanski – and published by New Blood Interactive. It enjoys a unique atmosphere halfway between a Stephen King novel and a Gothic industrial journey à la Quake. In addition, do not stop at the first levels, nice but not very original, because the game only gets better as the hours go by and gradually shows its richness. The arsenal is impressive, the fighting spirit is excellent and above all the level design shows an extraordinary intelligence. To top it off, a lot of emphasis was placed on the sound design and the soundtrack, halfway between metal, industrial and very atmospheric electronic areas. By Jiikaa, journalist jeuxvideo.com MP