Balan Wonderworld Gameplay – Experience 7 minutes of gameplay in Act 2 / Chapter 3

At the helm of two children, Leo and Emma, ​​Balan Wonderworld offers the player the opportunity to travel 12 stories in more than 80 different costumes in one action platform game. A few days after its release, discover a few minutes of gameplay with us. If you’re at all familiar with Lewis Caroll’s work, Balan Wonderworld will likely remind you of Alice in Wonderland. The plot of the title takes place in a “wonder world”, that of Balan, the mysterious master of ceremonies of the adventure. More concretely, the fantasies of this world are visible through our excerpt from Act 2 of Chapter 3 of the game: removable decorative elements, giant plants, living beings of all kinds … These 7 minutes of playing time also allow you to understand the different facets of software, between exploration a colorful and enchanting world in phases of 3D platforms, mini-games (here golf), battles and several costumes that give unique skills. You can find more information about Balan Wonderworld here. By Rob_Bellamy, writing from MPTwitter