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Almost 17 years after its first release, the venerable Doom 3 is attempting a comeback on a new medium: the PlayStation VR. This “VR Edition” of the FPS from id Software is based on additional immersion in virtual reality. Aside from the rather interesting idea on paper, does Doom 3 still have any interest in 2021? About this review of Doom 3: VR Edition This review mainly focuses on the contributions of virtual reality and examines the playful interest of Doom 3 in 2021. For a complete and temporal review of Doom 3 and its expansion Resurrection of Evil, we Invite you to consult the related tests. Recommended configurations Doom 3: VR Edition was developed by a studio specializing in VR (Archiact) in collaboration with id Software and is therefore a full port of Doom 3 and its two expansions (Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Mission), which are intended for the PlayStation are provided for VR. Don’t look for the game on other headsets, you won’t find it. A somewhat frustrating choice of exclusivity as we suddenly have to deal with the hardware limitations of Sony headphones. The game can thus be played with the joystick, but also with the aim controller, this accessory that reproduces the shape of a weapon and is equipped with an analog stick for movement. Visually, the combination of “game 2004 + limited helmet definition” makes the experience a bit pixelated, including very angular modeling of NPCs and enemies or backdrops that get lost in a mess of rough textures. In 2004, Doom 3 was a technical blow and is very good to watch to this day as long as you hit at least 1440p. As part of that port on PS VR, the rendering is clearly tough to impress, and we have the lingering feeling of starting retrogaming in virtual reality.

A “clean” but basic VR port

If we manage to override the rendering quality, this port to Doom 3’s VR works quite well, but is happy with the minimum. With the joystick, aiming is achieved by moving the pad in space, while you can turn the right joystick either jerkily (with delta setting in the options) or smoothly. In both cases, a black border appears on the sides to limit the effects of motion sickness. There’s nothing to report on this point: if you’ve played a VR FPS before, you should be comfortable. On the other hand, interactions with the environment are kept to the strict minimum, namely calling an elevator or opening the door, approaching the “triangle” and pushing it. The hands are not strictly modeled in the game and all interactions run via the trigger or buttons (switch weapon with R1 / L1, reload with “square” …). We can certainly dive a little more with the Aim Controller, but we don’t think the game was originally designed for VR. However, we appreciate the effort that has gone into HUD, namely the health and armor information that appears on the left wrist or the amount of ammunition that appears directly on the weapon. Progress in the game is generally fluid and without addicts: movement detection works well and there is no slowdown to regret.

An FPS that is not spared of time

In terms of content, Doom 3: VR Edition is all there is as it includes the main campaign, the additional Resurrection of Evil campaign, and the bonus “The Lost Mission” that was released in 2012 during the remake of “BFG Edition” and that consists of 8 new levels developed at the time for the original game but “cut while editing”. So we can enjoy it for a good fifteen hours. On the flip side, we have to face the facts: regardless of the solo chosen, Doom 3 has aged and is really struggling to compare to the majority of the most recent FPS. Its very linear course, ultra-classic gameplay, and slightly fluffy weapons don’t help while the terrible atmosphere might work, but are based on well-worn gimmicks, so now it’s hard for us to experience a few chills. In terms of action and adrenaline, Resurrection of Evil raises the level a bit, including the ability to slow down time or grab enemies and objects with a gravity cannon, but everything remains far too wise to reach a thousand places of destructive madness in the latest Episodes of Doom.Doom 3: VR Edition is therefore happy with the minimal unification, despite being a “clean and functional” port, but one that struggles to make itself really interesting unless you are an absolute fan of original games. Reviews + Positive points Main content (main campaign + 2 expansions) Fluent and quite pleasant to use Compatible with the target controller The HUD, well integrated-Negative points Visually dated No interaction with the environment The formula that has aged poorly Doom 3: VR Edition is Doom 3 and its expansions, playable in virtual reality. And that’s it. It’s hard to get excited about a relatively efficient port, but it’s happy with the minimal connection, especially since the PlayStation VR and its tech limitations make the experience visually dated. It must also be acknowledged that interest in gaming has declined sharply over the years: between wanting to scare Hell and wanting to be a “real” FPS complainer, Doom 3 can’t be who, nor can . And it’s not this port in virtual reality that is going to change anything. Journaliste jeuxvideo.com March 30, 2021 at 8:06:00 PM Read Reader’s Reviews (2) Read Reader’s Reviews Share your opinion on this game!