Red Dead Online: spotlight on bounty hunters, collectors, and naturalists

Red Dead Online Game News: Bounty Hunters, Gatherers, and Naturalists Spotlight Posted on 3/30/2021 at 8:10 PM Every week and Tuesday especially, Rockstar reveals the list of bonuses, promotions and limited items in Red Dead online. This week the developers decided to highlight three roles. First of all, all players who start Red Dead Online during the week will receive a package with 5 gun oils, 3 wild carrots, 2 strong tonics, 5 special horse revives and 3 chocolate bars. Naturalists can earn triple RDO $ and Role XP for every sale of a California Rabbit sample. Bounty hunters get 50% more RDO $ for all criminals, dead or alive. Fighters above Rank 5 are also entitled to a 50% discount on the Navy Revolver. Finally, collectors are invited to find the duck, hero and goose eggs and bring them back to Madame Nazar. In this way they complete the weekly hunting collection and receive an additional 50% RDO $. For advanced learners, the condor egg hunt is still available and allows you to unlock a 40% discount for a beginner or a promising role item.

Clothing available for a limited time

Cardozo VestLeavitt JacketHopeman VestMenasco HatOwanjila HatLister HatManteca HatCovington HatArchery Boots

Weekly promotions

-5 ligots on the bounty hunter license -5 bars on the collector’s bag -40% on the bounty hunter outfits -40% on the collector outfits -40% on the bounty hunter wagon -40% on the collector’s saddle bag, quality binoculars and trading cards From MalloDelic, journalist MP