Call of Duty Warzone: A Major Issue Soon Fixed

One issue that Call of Duty licensed players have complained about is the size of the games, which have been getting bigger and bigger for a while now. A problem that Activision wants to address with its new update. Salomé comes back to this on that first day of the day. The Battle Royale of the hugely popular Call of Duty franchise Warzone, released a year ago, is a huge hit. However, free-to-play has one big problem for gamers: it’s size. In fact, its files exceed 100 GB and on all platforms. Installation on consoles is therefore complex if they are limited in memory.

Reduced game size

Activision has therefore decided to solve the problem by providing the reloaded update for the second season. Warzone players get between 10 and 33 GB of storage space on their computer thanks to an optimization of the game files. The size depends on the platform you are playing on: between 11 and 14 GB to enjoy the game on PS5, PC or Xbox series and 30 to 33 GB for Warzone and Modern Warfare. CHECK ALL DAILY JVCOM REVIEWS By Wuzi_, MP of the Editor of